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TSI Pre-Assessment Activity

Math Review


Section 1: Introduction and Converting from Fraction to Percent Form


It Is Important That You Watch This Video First


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A percent is a ratio (fraction) whose denominator is 100.

To convert a fraction to percent form, form a proportion by setting the fraction equal to Editable Equation and solve for P.


Write 5/8 in percent form.

  Solution: Set the fraction equal to P/100 and solve for P: Editable Equation

Solve by setting cross products equal to each other.

Editable Equation

500 = 8P

Divide by 8:

P = Editable Equation= 67.5

5/8 = 67.5%

  To convert from percent form to fraction form:

Drop the percent sign and place the value over 100. Then simplify the fraction.


Write 55% in fraction form.


55% = Editable Equation

Reduce the fraction:

Editable Equation = Editable Equation

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