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Solving Equations

Section 1: Solving Equations Using the Addition Property

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The Addition Property for Equations states that the same number can be added to or subtracted from each side of the equation without changing the solution to the equation.

Example 1:

Solve for k:   -15 = 48 + k


Isolate the k-term by cancelling the 48 from the right side of the equation.

-15 = 48 + k

-48    -48

-63 = k

Example 2:

Solve for c:  c-2/3=1/2


Isolate the c -term by cancelling the -2/3  from the left side of the equation.


The constants cancel on the left side of the equation. Write each fraction on the right side of the equation using the common denominator: 6

c=(1/2)(3/3) + (2/3)(2/2)


The solution to   c-2/3=1/2  is c=-1/6 .


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