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TSI Pre-Assessment Activity

Math Review

Please Begin by Watching the Video

Video Transcript


Navigating the Math Prep Course

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Playing the Videos

play button To start the video, move your mouse over the video, and click the Play button on the control bar at the bottom left-hand corner of the video.
expand button To expand the video to full screen, move your mouse to the top right-hand corner of the video and click the Expand button.
ESC To exit full-screen mode, click the ESC button on your keyboard.

Navigating through the Prep materials

This course is broken into small manageable sections of information.  All of the sections consist of a video, practice, and practice tests to check your understanding of each topic.  Watch the videos, practice the concepts with the speaker, and then check your knowledge by completing the Test Yourself activities at the bottom of the page.

Begin this review by clicking on the Pretest link on the right-hand side of the page, and complete the pretest to diagnose your skills.
Once you complete the pretest, click the Check Answers button to see your score immediately.

When you are finished with the pretest, do one of the following at the bottom left-hand side of the Pretest page:

Click the Math Home link to return to the home page where you can select the individual sections on the right side of the page.


Use the links at the bottom of each page to go to the next section.

As you go through the sections of the review, you may use the links at the bottom of each page to go back to the Math Homepage or to go to the next section.

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