HCC Faculty Workload Tracking

Processes and Procedures


Faculty Workload Guidelines

Faculty Comprehensive Handbook (2023 edition)

2023-2024 Faculty Contract Calendar

2023-2025 Academic Calendar 

Tracking Faculty Workload Powerpoint (SCH faculty only) eff. Fall 2023

Coding Dual Credit Embedded Classes eff. Fall 2021

Mini Session Guidelines eff. Spring 2014


CEU and NCR Faculty Workload Formulas (TBA)

CEU English Language Skills courses & workload values

eff. Fall 2014


Integrated Compensation Process (ICP)

To access ICP Files to verify pay

Fall 2023 ICP 

Spring 2023 ICP 

Summer 2023 ICP

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 Formulas and Calculation Tools


HCC SCH courses and workload values rev. August 2023

Coleman Practicum and Clinical calculations eff. Fall 2022

Sample Faculty Load Calculators (see PT and FT tabs) eff. Fall 2014

Peoplesoft Processes

Changing an Instructor Assignment Class (from PT to FT)

Combining Class Sections

Assigning an Instructor to a Class

When you have more than one meeting pattern

When you have more than one instructor (i.e. shared loads)

When class enrollment exceeds the normal limit (i.e. assigning more than 100% load to a faculty)

When one HCC College (Owner College) is offering a class at another HCC College (Host College)



Exceeding Faculty Limits

Request to Exceed FT limits (please submit electronically to vc.workload@hccs.edu)   rev. October 2022

Request to Exceed PT Limits (please submit electronically to vc.workload@hccs.edu)


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