HCC Credentialing Standards - Academic

ACCT - Accounting

AGRI - Agriculture

ANTH - Anthropology

ARTS - Studio and History

ASTR - Astronomy

BCIS - Business Computer Applications

BIOL - Biology

CHEM - Chemistry

COMM - Communication

COSC - Computer Science

CRIJ - Criminal Justice

DANC - Dance

DRAM - Drama

ECON - Economics

EDUC - Teacher Education (includes EDUC 1300 Student Success course)

ENGL - English (college level)

ENVR - Environmental Science

ENGR - Engineering (includes ENGR 1201 Student Success course)

FORE - Forestry

GEOG - Geography

GEOL - Geology

GOVT - Government

HIST - History

HUMA - Humanities

LBRA - Library Sciences (includes LBRA 1191 Student Success course)

MATH - Mathematics (college level)

MUSI - Music (includes MUAP Music Lessons)

PHED - Physical Education

PHIL - Philosophy

PHYS - Physics

PSYC - Psychology

SGNL - Sign Language (see Interpreting/Translating Technology)

SOCI - Sociology

SPCH - Speech

TECA - Teacher Education (Early Childhood)

World Languages (includes ARAB, CHIN, FREN, GERM, JAPN, KORE, RUSS, SPAN, VIET)

Student Success (includes EDUC 1300, ENGR 1201, LBRA 1191)

Note: Each file above is a pdf sorted in various ways to aid your audit. If you should need a different format or a different sort/grouping of the data, let us know. To aid in opening the files since they are large, you may wish to download the files to your desktop first and then open them, instead of clicking on the links above.

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